Door Painting – Last Opportunity!

As you may know, the Ethington painting company has been repainting doors and accents throughout the neighborhood. You might have noticed that they painted your door when you were not home.  If this is the case, they need to inspect your weather seals and paint the edge of your door.

The painters will be in the neighborhood beginning at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 12th to paint door edges and check seals.  If you would like to make an appointment for a specific time, please call them at 352-441-0227 and leave a message. If you are unavailable Saturday Jun 12th, please make arrangements with the Ethingtons or with Management so that they can access to your property.

If you have a fence and your rear door still needs to be painted, you are responsible for notifying the Ethingtons and must be available to give them access. They will not enter an enclosed area without the homeowner present.

If you do not contact the Ethingtons before June 12th to make arrangements to have your door painted and inspected you will be solely responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of your door being improperly sealed.  This will be the last opportunity to have your door painted and your seals checked.