Good Neighbor Policy


You must attend a Board of Director’s Meeting if you would like to report any violations or make suggestions for modifications to current policies. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Association meetings are usually held every other month at 6:30pm. The location varies, so please check the signs, the website, or subscribe to the email list for information on the location and date. Everyone is encouraged to attend. You do not have to be a board member to attend.


Pet owners must attend their pets at all times and dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs are not allowed to roam free in the common space.

Owners must clean up after pets and properly dispose of feces. Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet!

Recommended walking areas include the retention pond area and the green space parallel to Archer Road (past the complex entrance).

Pet owners who violate these policies may be subject to a fine of $50 per incident.

There are three free dog parks located near Haystacks.

  1. Squirrel Ridge Park located at 1603 SW Williston Road (just west of where Williston crosses SW 13th Street), which offers a large off-leash area, playground for children, and soccer fields.
  2. Forest Park located at 4501 SW 20th Avenue (just a bit north of all the apartment complexes on SW 20th).  Located next to the fire station, Forest Park is part of a larger park and features an open creek. Beware of alligators along the creek side!
  3. Northeast Park is located at 400 NE 16th Ave (adjacent to the northern edge of the Duckpond neighborhood).  Northeast Park is very shady and great during the summer.

There are also many other Pet friendly places near Haystacks

  • Kanapaha Gardens
  • Paines Prairie
  • Devil’s Millhopper
  • The Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail


Residents and owners are not allowed to make exterior modifications on any Haystacks property without written approval from the Haystacks Board of Directors.
For approval, fill out an “Exterior Change Request” application form and submit the application and drawing (if needed) including location, dimensions, materials, etc. for Board review. You may fill this form out online or request this application from management.  You must be present, to answer any questions, at the meeting during which your application is reviewed.


Maintenance problems with the exterior surfaces of a residence (roof, siding, etc.), excluding owner additions, are generally repaired at the Association’s expense. This is provided the damage was not a result of the owner or owners’ guests. Please submit repair requests or maintenance issues to the management.


The Homeowners’ Association provides exterior pest control service. This service involves baiting homes to prevent pests from entering.  If you have trouble with pests in your home, please contact management and they will schedule an appointment to have the interior of your home treated.  Homeowners are responsible for the cost of removing infections that result from a human or pet source (such as fleas). Naturally occurring pests are covered by the Association.

Termite inspections are conducted on a yearly basis. Residents must be available to allow the inspection of their home or make arrangements with managements to allow inspectors to enter.


Lawn maintenance is provided by The Masters Lawn Care.  The lawn crew is not responsible for trimming grass contained within a fully fenced-in area. Therefore, residents are responsible for maintaining their closed-in areas. If you would like your fenced-in areas trimmed or maintained, please be present to open your gates and request trimming from the crew. Those who neglect to maintain their fenced-in areas appropriately will be charged for such services if deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Front and side lawn irrigation is also provided by the Association. If you notice any problems with sprinklers, please report them to the management immediately. Anyone caught tampering with or destroying irrigation materials (including driving cars onto lawns or over nozzles) will be charged for repairs and may face fines as determined by the board of directors.


Parking is allowed only in paved parking spaces and designated guest parking areas. Each residence is allocated two parking spaces. Residences with more than two cars should find alternative parking outside of Haystacks or may use the visitor parking for temporary parking only. In the past, residents have arranged with a neighbor to use their unused parking areas upon agreement. Please talk to your neighbor. This also is helpful if you’re having guests for a day. However, please don’t use your neighbor’s parking areas without their approval! Cars parked in violation of this policy will be towed at the owner’s expense!

No vehicles including boats, motor homes, travel trailers, etc. may be parked in the same visitor parking spot for more than 7 days without Board approval. Again, towing (at owner’s expense) is a result of violations of the parking policy.  Double parking is also prohibited and may result in immediate towing without warning (so properly parked cars can get out).

Parking on the grass may result in charges and fines to pay for replacing the landscaping and irrigation systems.



Residents and owners are responsible for keeping units and yards neat in appearance and free of clutter, trash and debris. This includes patios, entryways and building sides.
Please place trash and recycling bins at the curb for pick up before 7 a.m. on Monday (or no earlier than 9p.m. Sunday evening) and remove from the curb by Monday evening. Please remember to store your trash and recycle bins so that they are not visible from the street – it is both unsightly and against county law to leave out your trash can.  Repeat violators may be charged a $50 fine per incident by the Board of Directors in addition to county fines.

For more information on what you can and cannot recycle, ordering a new or larger container, donating large or unwanted items, or collection dates and times, please visit and click on waste collection, or call (352) 377-0800.

Items not properly disposed of by residents will be removed by the Management at the Owners’ expense.  Additionally, a fine of $100 per incident will be imposed on repeat offenders.


Noise should be kept to a minimum in accordance with Section 110.03(b) (1) of the Alachua County Code:

“The use, operation or playing of any radio, television, phonograph, stereo set, tape player, sound amplifier, musical instrument or other similar device which produces or reproduces sound in a manner as to be plainly audible at a distance of 15 meters (50 feet) or more away from the real property line of the source of the sound, to any person in a commercial, industrial, or residential area or public space is prohibited. “

If you’re unable to resolve noise problems with your neighbors in a mutually cordial manner, please report the violation to management and they will do so on your behalf.  Residents can also direct complaints to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office at 352-955-1818.

To avoid noise violations, it is recommended that you alert your neighbors before having any parties and provide your contact information in case of noise complaints.  This will prevent having to deal with the sheriff’s department!


Solicitation is not allowed in Haystacks. If a solicitor comes to your door, you may politely inform them that Haystacks is a private owners’ association that prohibits solicitation. A sign is posted at the entrance stating such. Please report repeat violators of this policy to management or Sheriff’s Department.


Residents or owners must be present when using the playground, tennis or basketball courts.


Please remember for safety the speed limit within Haystacks is 15 miles per hour.  This is for the safety of all residents and is strictly enforced.